“As an Association we believe our social responsibility is enhancing health benefits and quality of life for individuals who are more vulnerable and with fewer resources”

Our mission is to promote overall health of Hispanic Communities within the United States; with the participation of trained Health Coaches generating development processes towards people promote actions to improve a sustainable quality of life.

I Am a Health Coach

I became a Health Coach because I love health and life!

Because I want to visit more parks and less doctor offices.

Because I want to open my refrigerator more often and less often my first aid kit.

Because I want balance my body, my mind, and my soul.

Because I want to prolong my life, strength, health, and independency.

Because I did not want to pay for what is my right, good health.

Because although without vanity I want to be beautiful and conserve my skin.

Because I want to teach and show a better life.

Marcela Sanchez, Alexandra Orozco | Founders