Welcome to the Hispanic Health Coaches of America!

We are a non-profit organization, which began in September 2014 in South Florida and presented before the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services in October 2015, in order to achieve health benefits and improved quality of life for Hispanics in the United States.

We support professional development and the promotion of Hispanic Health Coaches that exercise their practice in the United States.
Our commitment is to increase the visibility of our profession and fight for its position en the American health system.

Our vision: “Be an organization which is recognized for the human quality and professionalism of Health Coaches, and their contribution to health and wellbeing of the Hispanic communities, who reside in the United Sates and developing programs and projects that assist them in improving their health and quality of life.”

Our Mission: “Promote integrated health of the Hispanic communities with the participation of trained Health Coaches that generate development processes with people and promoting actions to improve a sustainable quality of life.”

What does a Health Coach do?

The current Health crisis is especially affecting populations of low income and resources. In the United States the high rates of obesity, diabetes, blood pressure and some types of cancers are the most representative without leaving a sedentary lifestyle.

These factors have given way to a transformation in the way we approach health, including the importance of prevention and the management of conditions through community education, making changes with tangible results.

It is here that the importance of a Health Coach takes an important place. A Health Coach has the capabilities to help people increase their knowledge, abilities, tools, and confidence so they can become active participants in their care, so that they can meet their health goals, wellbeing, and quality of life in all aspects of their lives. Walking alongside step by step, to achieve their objectives.

We work together with doctors, nutritionists, psychologists, and health educators. This profession is increasing and is very important at this time to reduce the high rates of preventable diseases.